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Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight at 8 PM!

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Remember the camera adds ten pounds
Remember the camera adds ten pounds

We've got a jam-packed show for you, and you guys know how the Rangers love jam. So do the hosts, but that's another story.

First up on Blueshirt Banter Radio tonight at 8, we are going to be joined by Matt Wagner from The Cannon, which is the SB Nation home of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Since the Jackets are hosting the Rangers this weekend, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get to know them and get all the latest news out of Columbus.

Second, we will give our thoughts on the stinker against Ottawa, and preview the upcoming busy slate of games for the Blueshirts.

Third, we will discuss the Alexander Frolov situation, provide our unique takes, and possibly have a musical interlude.

Last but certainly not least, you may remember from Friday night's Post Game Show, regular listeners "Cutter" and "Mandar" were going at it over who is better at NHL Trivia. With any luck we will answer that question tonight if we can square these two behemoths of hockey knowledge off.

Plus, as always, no shortage of poking fun at the Islanders, Devils, and whatever else we can think of.

Should be a fun show as always, see you in the chat room tonight for the often imitated, never duplicated, one and only Blueshirt Banter Radio!