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New York Tonight traded to From the Rink

As you guys know I now have some new kicks, writing for From the Rink over on the other side of SBNation. And while I told you that it would have no effect on my status here, I lied a little. The change will be that my radio show New York Tonight has been cut and turned into Rink Side Radio ( the official radio show of From the Rink.

The show still airs Monday night from 9-10 and it will get general NHL talk. The call in number also remains the same at (646) 595-2440. My co-host will be Brandon Worley who is the manager for all SBNation hockey blogs and the editing manager of Defending the Big D.

We hope to bring you the best general NHL talk (so keep coming to Blueshirt Banter Radio for all the Rangers news) and we hope to lighten it up with great guests and banter (parden the pun). Overall it should be a ton of fun and I really hpe to see all of you there, calling in and making me look good for writing for such a fantastic site.

I don't think I will promote the show too much over here (unless we nab a big time guest) to make sure to check out From the Rink for updates if you want them. If you want to learn more about Rink Side Radio please see this post.

Thanks guys, and to the follower (followers?) of NYT I thank you for your support and I am sorry to bail on you but this was simply too good of an opportunity to pass up.