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Blueshirt Banter Radio's Relentless Ranger Coverage Continues ! Tonight at 8 PM

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Right on the heels of a spirited Tuesday show we have another one lined up for the Ranger faithful tonight Wednesday February17th starting at 8 PM and running till 10 PM EST.

Jim Schmiedeberg and Eddie "The Mouth" Gieck will be your hosts as usual and tonight's show will feature guest Mike Zippo, organizer of the "Fire Glen Sather Rally" and we will get a live update from Blueshirt's own Nick from the Olympic village in Vancouver.

But as we always say,the stars of the show are you the fans. You can participate by calling in at (646) 478-4692 and /or visiting our Blueshirt Banter Radio Chatroom


It's all just one click away to listen in and you are good to go.