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Blueshirt Banter Radio: Emile "The Cat" Francis Returns

Tonight at 8 PM, Blueshirt Banter Radio goes on the air live with our special guest Emile Francis. Emile has been on One_efrancis05_medium with us before, and if you heard it you know he is a fascinating man. Eddie and I look forward to sitting down with him again, as Emile has agreed to become a semi-regular on our show.

For those of you that don't know, Emile was a player, coach, and GM of the Rangers, and led them to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1972 against the Boston Bruins. Emile also ran the St. Louis Blues and Hartford Whaler organizations.

We are doing a special 3 hour show tonight, so we will have plenty of time to talk to Emile as well as get your thoughts on the Jokinen trade. I know we will run into the game a little, couldn't be helped.

As always, the chat room will be buzzing while we do the show, so click the link for Blueshirt Banter Radio and join the fun, or you can listen on the player below: