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Rink Side Radio Reminder

Rink Side Radio
Rink Side Radio

Hey guys, just wanted to remind you that every Monday night from 9-10 I host From the Rink's official radio show, Rink Side Radio. 

At the start of the show we hope to be having on Sean from Down Goes Brown to talk about the United States Canada results and get some incite from how he thinks that Canada is handling the pressure of the Olympics. When this is confirmed we will let you know.

Regarless I just wanted to remind you all that last monday we interviewed Julie Chu, the co-captain of the USA Woman's hockey team. You can download the archived version of that show here (it's the Febuary 15th show).

And then right after Sean we will be having on Steve Lepore from Puck the Media to talk about the way that NBC is handling the hockey games. This is confirmed. Steve will definitely be joining us.

So make sure to tune in Monday night from 9-10. Remember the call in number is (646) 595-2440, and you can call in to talk about anything. Don't foget to join the awesome chat room you must listen to the show from the main show page.