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Blueshirt Banter Radio: Eddies's Birthday Extravaganza tonight at 8 PM!

Eddiebirthday2_medium Blueshirt Banter Radio will be on the air at 8 PM tonight, and we'll be previewing the upcoming trade deadline, talking Olympic Hockey, and taking your phone calls.

We will also be joined tonight by Joe Bucchino, the former Assistant GM of the Rangers. Joe worked with the Rangers from 1979-1989, and should have plenty of tales to tell about one of the most tumultuous eras in Ranger hockey.

Joe’s story is fascinating one, starting behind the scenes with the Rangers he made a meteoric rise that lead him eventually to the front office.

Joe Bucchino served as the interim GM for the Rangers for 54 days and made the selections for the Blueshirts for the 1989 NHL draft.

Click the link for Blueshirt Banter Radio to join our awesome live chat during the show, or you can listen on the player below: