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Rink Side Radio Tonight from 9-10!

Rink Side Radio
Rink Side Radio

Hey guys, it's Monday again and you know what that means; Rink Side Radio! You don't want to miss tonight's show since we have a plethora of guests coming on.

Julian Sanchez from Pension Plan Puppets will be on at the top of the hour to talk about the tragic deal of Bendan Burke and a little about the fundraiser they are doing (yet again) to help all of those who are dealing with homosexual discrimination.

John Fishler (In Lou we Trust) and Matt Gunning (Bird Watchers Anonymous) will be joining us right after that to chat about the Thrashers Devils swap that saw Ilya Kovalchuk move to New Jersey.

Then my editing manager Jim Schmiedeberg (Blueshirt Banter) will be joining us to talk about the Olli Jokinen deal and what that means for the Rangers and the Flames!

And finally Rob L (Habs Eyes on the Prize) will be joining us to chat about Bob Gainey stepping down as the general manager of Montreal.

We're booked solid guys so make sure to give us a listen. You can listen live and download the archived version at this link here. You can also listen live at the bottom of this post but remember you can't access the chat unless you are listening at the actual Blog Talk Radio show page.

Remember the number to call is in (646) 595-2440, we love taking your calls so make sure to call in early and often. Hope to see you all tonight!