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Special Blueshirt Banter Radio Pre- Game Rumor Monger Edition at 6 PM


The Trade rumors are flying and the speculation is running rampant throughout Ranger fan circles. The Rumor Mill is churning out some very interesting names as far as Ranger fans are concerned such as Andrew Cogliano, Devin Setoguchi and Sheldon Souray,

So we at Blueshirt Banter Radio decided to do a special Pre-game show starting at 6 PM to try and figure out what players we Ranger fans want, why we want them and who we want them for.

So Join us at 6 PM as we break down all the hockey insanity and try to make sense of this crazy day of speculation and intense Blueshirt Banter. Feel free to call in at (347) 857-2090 and/or visit our Blueshirt Banter Radio Chatroom while you listen.