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Rink Side Radio: Playoffs, Calder Trophy, Masterton Trophy, Jaques Lemaire Edition (oh my!)

Packed schedule for you all today on Rink Side Radio! We have more playoff banter for you all, especially since a few series have come to an end (way to show up for the playoffs Devils). We will also go over the Calderand Masterton Trophy nominations. And of course we will give you all the up to date information and analysis on the Jaques Lemaire retirement, and what it might mean for the New Jersey Devils.

Remember if you want to call in to rant, talk to us, ask us something, or just to talk the number is (646) 595-2440. Remember that if you want to join in the awesome chat-room during the show you need to listen at the main show page. You can also download the archived show at the main show page.

Hope to see you there!