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Blueshirt Banter Radio tonight at 8 PM!

A special Thursday night edition of Blueshirt Banter Radio tonight. We go live at 8 PM tonight, and we'll be Radioproto12400_medium talking about the Rangers the loss to Buffalo, the big win over the Leafs, and the playoff situation. We'll be taking your calls at 646-478-4692.

If you've never joined us for one our programs, give it a chance, I think you will enjoy it. It's a mix of Ranger talk and humor that is unlike anything you will hear anywhere else. It's also the best place to talk Ranger hockey, as we interact with our listeners through the whole show. Make sure you sign up for a Blog Talk User ID, so you can join the chat, and be a part of the famous "Banter Roll Call".

Remember, we have a great live chat that you can join in on by clicking the link to Blueshirt Banter Radio, or you can listen live on the player below: