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Repost: Blueshirt Banter Playoff Pick-Em

[Note by Jim Schmiedeberg, 05/29/10 2:29 PM EDT Want to make sure everyone got their picks in, will close this at game time]

Final episode of this saga here. I finally tallied up all the scores, here are the top 10 (there are way too many to post up so we will stick with the top 10):

Joe1969: 22

Esa's First Kiss: 20

Ahman Bradshaw: 20

8kpower: 20

AZRangerFan: 20

NickyNut81: 20

Jen9400: 20

RSK329: 20


Crazy Ranger Fan and XLII: 18


I didn't post up Jim, Nick or my own's score; I will leave that for the end. As for now those are the leaders, there are a bunch at 16 so keep em going!

Since the scores are so close we will go with a simple tiebreaker. Below chose the winner in as many games as usual, but also put who you think will will the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Chicago in 6, Conn Smythe goes to Toews.