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Rangers Analysis: Jess from The Prospect Park Weighs in on Niemi Trade

Our friend Jess over at the Prospect Park has a great writeup on the Rangers trade for Jyri Niemi. You can click the link for the full story, and here are some of the highlights:

You got to give Glen Sather and his staff some serious credit for being able to pick up a prospect with the skill set of Jyri Niemi for just a 2010 6th round pick. A move that comes out of left field that gives the Rangers a very good defensive prospect to add to the prospect pipeline.

We got to see a lot of Niemi last season because of Sam Klassen who was Niemi's teammate on the Blades. Niemi is more an offensive minded defender who does need some work but his potential makes it worth the effort to work with him.

Jess will be joining us again next month for a live chat like the one we did last year to preview the draft. Oddly enough, the first question off the bat last year was about Chris Kreider, who the Rangers would eventually pick.

Also, here is the video from when Niemi was drafted: