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Rink Side Radio Tonight From 9-10: Playoffs, Playoffs, Playoffs, Did I Say Playoffs? Edition

It's Monday, so Rink Side Radio is back at it covering, you guessed it, the crazy NHL playoffs. We'll cover Joe Thornton, Marc Savard and every series thus far in the playoffs! Are the Montreal Canadiens for real? Is this finally the year the San Jose Sharks find their way to the cup? Are we in store for another Pittsburgh Detroit match-up? It's all on Rink Side Radio tonight!

It's been fun thus far, and we hope it stays that way. So make sure to join us tonight from 9-10!

Remember if you want to call in to rant, talk to us, ask us something, or just to talk the number is (646) 595-2440. Remember that if you want to join in the awesome chat-room during the show you need to listen at the main show page. You can also dowload the archived show at the main show page.

Hope to see you there!