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Internet Radio Nowhere tonight at 10 PM

Hey boys and girls,

Since we are on a break this week from Blueshirt Banter Radio, I am borrowing Eddie's time slot tonight to do a little something different. "Internet Radio Nowhere" goes on the air live at 10 PM, and if you like Springsteen, Buffett, having a few laughs, and hearing me rant, stop on by and say hello. It's on the same page as Blueshirt Banter Radio, so its real easy to find the show.

I also want to take calls at 646-478-4692, I want to hear your best dirty joke, because one of my topics will be the lost art of true joke telling. Other topics will be the bozos on "The Jersey Shore", and the impending death of another Mets season, and the upcoming Giants season.

Hope to see you then.