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Blueshirts By the Numbers: Honorable Mention at #8: Darren Turcotte

While Steve Vickers was our selection for the Greatest Ranger to ever wear the Number 8, there is no way we can move on to Number 9 (on Monday) without mentioning a player who is still a huge fan favorite for many Ranger fans.

Darren Turcotte spent six seasons on Broadway, scored 255 points in 325 games, played between NHL legends Guy Lafleur and Marcel Dionne his rookie year, led the team in goals in his second season, and made the all-star team in 1991. Not bad for a 6th round pick, huh?

Unfortunately, like many players before and after him, Turcotte never found himself on Mike Keenan's good side, and was traded along with James Patrick to Hartford in 1993.