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Rink Side Radio Reminder: Featuring Special Guest Jeff Marek

Rink Side Radio. I kinda like this funky look. You?
Rink Side Radio. I kinda like this funky look. You?

Hey guys. Just wanted to send you all a quick reminder to not miss Rink Side Radio this Monday from 9-10 (EST). On Monday we will be joined by special guest Jeff Marek! Jeff is from CBC Sports, Hockey Night in Canada and hosts Hockey Night in Canada Radio on Sirius.

You can follow Jeff at On the show Jeff and I will be talking about the updated Ilya Kovalchuk scenario, now that an arbitrator has been picked. We will also go into details about how the arbitrators ruling will affect the rest of the league for the remainder of this current CBA. Steps that the NHL night be able to take to stop issues like this from happening again, and whether or not this whole thing is a good thing for the NHL. 

We touched on a few of these subjects with Sean, from Down Goes Brown, last week; but I really wanted to go into more detail with Jeff. And Jeff will also bring a fresh perspective from the administrative side of things, rather than the Kovalchuk and fan side of the fence.

Hope to see you all there Monday from 9-10 (EST)! Remember to give Jeff a follow on Twitter and follow me as well ( for updated RInk Side Radio (and all Blueshirt Banter) information. 

See ya then!