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Rink Side Radio: Where Oh Where Is Ilya Kovalchuk Edition

So I know that it has been a month since the last episode of Rink Side Radio, but I needed to get my post-college life back together. And now that I have you all reap the benefits of having rink Side Radio back on the air!

Tonight i is the all Ilya Kovalchuk editon, and with rumors swirling around weather or not he will be re-signing with the Devils RSR is the place to be as we sort everything out. We will also be sorting out the other free agent moves and who is left on the market! Make sure to be there tonight from 9-10!

Just as usual if you want to join the awesome chat room you have to listen at the main show page. If you want to call in and talk to Travis and I about anything the call in number is (646) 595-2440.