Behind the Scenes of the Todd White Acquisition

You may remember I did a comic post of this kind when it came to the Lauri Korpikoski trade. Since that got a good review, I hope you all enjoy this. Here is the exclusive transcript of what transpired behind closed doors in a face to face meeting between Glen Sather and Rick Dudley:

Sather: How big of a gambler are you?
Dudley: I don't know, why?
Sather: Let's make a trade, I want Todd White.
Dudley: What? For who?
Sather: Boogaard.
Dudley: No thanks.
Sather: How about Brashear?
Dudley: Your kidding right?
Sather: Tell you what Ricky, let's flip a coin.
Dudley: For Boogaard or Brashear?
Sather: Call it in the air.
Dudley: No, not doing that.
Sather: It's heads.
Dudley: What?
Sather: Alright you take Brashear.
Dudley: Hold on a second.
Sather: Phew, that contract is off the books.
Dudley: Brashear is terrible Glen.
Sather: No he's not.
Dudley: He's not?
Sather: You want Rissmiller too? He likes to sit in my chair in the press box. It's getting annoying. And I keep telling him to get his own chair but he won't list-
Dudley: I'm not trading Todd White.
Sather: You are trading Todd White. To me. We are going over this now.
Dudley: No we're not.
Sather: Yes we are.
Dudley: We are?
Sather: For Brashear and Rissmiller.
Dudley: I'm taking Rissmiller too?
Sather: Alright it's settled.
Dudley: It is?
Sather: Sign here.
Dudley: I don't have a pen.
Sather: Don't worry, I signed it for you.
Dudley: What?
Sather: Thanks Ricky.

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