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Rink Side Radio Tonight From 9-10: Russ Cohen Edition

So after last weeks incident with Skype, we're re-doing our 25th episode of Rink Side Radio. And what better way to do it then bring in the single greatest prospects guru out there Russ Cohen. Honestly, when it comes to prospects there is absolutely no one better than Russ. As a result, we are very excited to have him on the show. 

Tonight we will be taking about which 2010 NHL Draftees will be making the biggest impact this year, and which picks he thinks are going to be the biggest sleepers. Russ seems to know everything to know about prospects so it's going to be a fantastic show.

Make sure to join us tonight from 9-10 at the main show page so that you can take part in the amazing chat room. The call-in number is (646) 595-2440. Hope to see you all at 9!