2011-12 NHL Schedule Released: Link and Thoughts

The NHL has officially released the 2011-12 Schedule, and rather than try and copy and paste it here, instead you can click the link and find the schedule here:

Rangers 2011-12 Schedule

Some initial thoughts on the upcoming season:

8 road games before the home opener.

Rangers will make their return to Winnipeg on October 24th.

The Winter Classic is on the schedule for January 2nd at 1 PM. Can that be right?

Bruins, Flyers, Penguins, Capitals to finish the season.

Rangers in Phoenix December 17th (ok this only really matters to some of us, but I'm one of them.

Have at it.

[Note by Jim Schmiedeberg, 06/23/11 2:06 PM EDT The link should now be working, it has been fixed by the Rangers.]