2011 NHL Trade Deadline: One Hour Left, Business Has To Pick Up

Good Afternoon Everyone:

Here is your fifth open thread of the day.Moving into the afternoon hours, thing should be heating up.

There will be a new thread at the top of every hour, with updated information from the previous hour.

Let's try and avoid all the Fan Posts and Fan Shots about trades, so we can keep all the information to the threads.

Remember, a full recap of the day's events and more tonight on Blueshirt Banter Radio at 8 PM

Have at it kids.....

Update by Michael Gleich:

At the last moment of the hour Ottawa traded Chris Campoli a conditional 7th round pick and to Chicago for Ryan Potulny and conditional 2nd round pick.

Rumors of Sergei Samsonov to Florida Panthers for Bryan Allen. Someone please take the phone away from Tallon.

Latest on Brad Richards:

@TSNBobMcKenzie The Brad Richards Trade Barometer is leaning towards him NOT being moved, but about 90 minutes to go. We will see.

NYR Rumor Alert: The Fourth Period is claiming the Rangers are dangling Michael Del Zotto for a top line player. Take it for what it is worth and I rarely believe much that comes out of there in terms of rumors.