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Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight at 8 PM!

Ron Duguay's Team of Stylists
Ron Duguay's Team of Stylists

Lots to talk about tonight on Blueshirt Banter Radio. First, we will talk about the amazing weekend our Road Warrior Rangers just had, with wins over the Stars and Blues.

We'll talk about the Frolov injury, and where the Rangers will go from here. Plus, we will talk about the upcoming slate of games for the Rangers, and what lies ahead.

If you've never listened to our show before, give it a try. It's two hours of Ranger talk, ranting, raving, and a fair amount of laughter mixed in. By no means is it your average podcast. We also have a live chat that goes on during the show on Blog Talk Radio, you just need to register on their site to join the discussion.

We will be taking your calls at 646-478-4692, so grab the phone and call in!