Behind the Scenes: Wolski/Rozsvial Trade

Disclaimer: Due to my irrational fear that people will think this is an actual conversation between Glen Sather and company (there are crazy people on the internet) just letting you know this is fake, and meant to be a joke. If it's slightly funny, my goal is accomplished. The post is based off of this one.

Glen Sather: Hey Don!
Don Maloney: Hey Glen! Have you quit cigars yet?
Sather (taking out a cigar) No time for silly questions Don, I am here for business.
Maloney: What's up Glen?
Sather: Frolov is out for the season.
Maloney: I saw, congratulations on that.
Sather: Now we need someone to attempt to play with Gaborik, or at least maybe score a goal here or there.
Maloney: I'm listening...
Sather: I want Wolski.
Maloney: I'm listening...
Sather: I'll give you Wade Redden.
Maloney: Get out.
Sather: What? He's a star for the Whale!
Maloney: That's nice. I could be a star for the Whale. Seriously, why would any professional team be called the Whale?
Sather: It was Dolan's idea, he's a bit crazy upstairs.
Maloney: This is true, I want Del Zotto.
Sather: Get out.
Maloney: It's my office.
Sather: Fine. PLEASE get out.
Maloney: Fine, how about Gilroy.
Sather: How about no.
Maloney: McDonaugh?
Sather: Even better. His name starts with an M also! Michal Roszival!
Maloney: Why not just trade me Redden?
Sather: Ok, deal.
Maloney: WAIT NO! It was just a joke!
Sather: OK, fine. I'll compromise. Roszival.
Maloney: You know I can't do that deal. Roszival would be a liability to the team, especially with his contract. Another great move, Glennifer.
Sather: Redden would be a worse liability. Roszival is Czech!
Maloney: So?
Sather: So is Jaomir Jagr. He's good.
Maloney: Good point. I still don't like the deal.
Sather: But wait! Roszival is here!
(Roszival walks in)
Sather: Michal, meet your new GM!
Maloney: Wait, what? We never agreed to anything!
Rozsival: Hey Don, lovin the haircut. Can't wait to play for you.
Maloney: You aren't going to play for me!
Rozsival: So it's a three team deal?
Maloney: No!
Sather: So it's just Wolski for Roszival?
Maloney: Will that get you out of my office?
Sather: Yes.
Rozsival: I leave when Glen leaves. Dude still pays my contract!
Maloney: Fine, deal. I hate you for this! Where do I sign?
Sather: It's already signed, I had Michal forge it on the way here.
Maloney: He's been here the whole time?
Sather: You need some sleep.
Maloney: I hate you all.
Sather: (In Montgomery Burns voice) Excellent.

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