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Bantering Points: Forgetting The Past, Fixing The Present

Lots of stories going through the New York Rangers news wire these days, many of which have to do with former Rangers, and the rest having to do with the current team.

Jaomir Jagr called the Rangers a "top-class organization," but didn't exactly express remorse about his decision to leave.

Nick at The Rangers Tribune believes that the Rangers should play less preseason games in Europe if they take a trip back to Europe.

Dave at Blue Seat Blogs argues that keeping Eric Christensen was the right decision for the New York Rangers. Dave provides stats to show that Sean Avery's few characteristics that are viewed as strengths over Christensen are being confused.

Over at Bleeding All Blue, Mike writes that the Rangers need to return to their forechecking ways.

Rangers Report provides quotes from Head Coach John Tortorella. Tortorella speaks about Brad Richards, Ryan McDonaugh, Henrik Lundqvist, and the shootout.