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Bantering Points: The Victory Hat And Brad Richards

Brad Richards has already started off building some chemistry with his new team members, as Richards started a tradition. Richards brought over a hat from Europe, the "Winning Hat," and the best player in each Rangers win will get the hat. Joe explained the hat here, and Puck Daddy adds more here.

As I stated in the comments of Joe's post, the hat has the potential to become a big motivator. During the Yankees 2009 World Series run, the Yankees had a "championship belt" sent to them by a professional wrestler. The best player in each Yankees win won the belt. This type of thing motivates athletes, and also builds chemistry at the same time.

Michael Gleich at Bleeding All Blue says that Ryan McDonagh's rising offensive confidence raises his defensive potential. McDonagh was the second best player behind Henrik Lundqvist on Tuesday, and if he can play like that every game the Rangers won't have to worry about Michael Sauer and Mark Staal as much.

The Rangers play the Calgary Flames tonight at 9:30 ET, make sure you are here for the open thread!