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Bantering Points: Brandon Dubinsky And Using Emotions To The Best Of His Ability

Need more of this!
Need more of this!

We take a look at Thursday night's big overtime win over the Calgary Flames. 

Brandon Dubinsky didn't get the nod for one of the alternate captain spots this season, as Brad Richards and Marc Staal were given the roles by the New York Rangers instead.

Michael Gleich of Bleeding All Blue writes that Dubinsky needs to produce more, and be less emotional.

Andrew Gross has the scoop at Rangers Rants on the latest Rangers news, and also pens his impression of the renovated Madison Square Garden.

Carp at Rangers Report explains his thoughts about the Rangers-Canucks game on the 19th. I personally decided to include this link partially because of the awesome nickname Carp gives Ryan McDonagh. "Ryan McMonster."

Chris from Blue Seat Blogs also tells his opinions. Among them is this:

For the purpose of the title, assume the games so far have encompassed the first NHL week. The award goes to Brandon Dubinsky. His finishing has been dire (I could hit the net with greater frequency), his penalty count is through the roof and he simply isn’t doing anything of note. Brandon: it’s not your job to fight. As much as Gaborik, Richards and Callahan are the most important forwards on this team, this team needs Dubinsky to be much, much better.

Seems like everyone is not so happy with Dubinsky these days.