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Bantering Points: Anton Stralman and The New York Rangers Worries

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The New York Rangers have been playing without two of their top defensive players. Both Marc Staal and Michael Sauer have been out, leaving the likes of Jeff Woywitka, Steve Eminger, and for one game Brendan Bell to hold over the defense until the two return.

The Rangers, however, may not be content with the Woywitka/Eminger/Bell trio, along with young defensemen such as Michael Del Zotto and Tim Erixon.

Tom Gutti reported that the Rangers have offered a contract to former Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Anton Stralman.

Following that, Dustin Nielson tweeted that the Rangers are among the teams scouting the Edmonton Oilers.

The scouting of the Oilers is likely just a paper work type of move. Teams scout other teams regularly, just to get a feel of who they may have interest in for the future.

The Rangers did demote Brendan Bell yesterday, as Joe detailed, so do the Rangers have a move up their sleeve? Will Marc Staal be out longer? Shorter? We will certainly find out soon.

In other news, Michael Gleich thinks the best hockey for the Rangers is simple hockey.