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Bantering Points: The Safety Of Hockey

The NHL GM meetings have started, and Puck Daddy has full coverage.

The big questions include goalie safety, player safety, uniform regulations, hybrid icing, and more.

Goalie safety is a hot topic after Milan Lucic ran over Ryan Miller outside of Miller's crease. Many blasted Lucic for it, but the Bruins winger was not suspended for the action.


About two-thirds of the GMs leaned toward supplemental discipline for such incidents, according to NHL senior vice president of hockey operations Colin Campbell. Sabres GM Darcy Regier left with the impression it would be called differently in the future.

Player safety is another important area of concern, especially after various injuries, including a passing outside of the NHL. The opinion here is that players should have to wear whatever equipment keeps them the safest.

No-Touch Icing is the final safety regulation being considered. I have always been a huge supporter of hybrid icing.

The GMs are taking a hard look at introducing hybrid icing, in which a linesman would determine who would win the race for the puck when the players reach the faceoff dot. The theory is that it preserves the excitement of the race, but eliminates collisions that could cause catastrophic injury.

What do you think?