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The Noon Number: 2

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Today's Noon Number focuses on the hero of last night's victory, Brad Richards. Richards rifled home the game-winning goal in the New York Rangers' 4-2 victory over the New York Islanders Tuesday night. It was Richards' second game-winning goal of the season. 

Last year, with the Dallas Stars, Richards recorded three game-winning goals in 72 games. He's nearly reached that mark after just 16 games this season. The most he has ever had in a season was six for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2003-2004. 

Glen Sather and the Rangers' brass targeted Richards for his big-game mentality and presence on the ice. As Richards has gotten more comfortable with the Rangers' system, his play has improved significantly. Richards has eight points in his last eight games, and has three points in his last two. 

Richards is showing his ability to be a game-changer for the Rangers, and his performance is directly contributing to some big wins for the team. 

But that's what he's here for right?