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Bantering Points: How Good Are The New York Rangers?

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Yesterday I wrote that it is a great time to be a New York Rangers fan, but how long will this time last? How good is this team, really? Are they playing at, or above potential? We will find out those answers over the next few weeks of hockey. For those of you saying these aren't as important as wins late in the season, all wins count the same.

Currently, the Rangers are climbing all sorts of power rankings.

USA Today ranked the Rangers third, tying them with the Philadelphia Flyers. One writer even gave the Rangers a first place vote.

Realclear Sports takes a look at power rankings across the internet, and compiles and computes the data. The Rangers place third overall, finishing first in TSN, yet twelfth in The Hockey News.

Where would you rank the Blueshirts?

One way to tell how long a team will last is to look at their depth. Hockey's Future does just that for the Rangers.

Finally, Dan Girardi is proud to be a New York Ranger.