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Bantering Points: Narratives, Sean Avery, Spike Lee, and MSG

Sean Avery has been recalled by the New York Rangers, sparking a flurry of strong opinions from various outlets. What no one seems to be discussing is that Sean Avery will actually be playing in NHL games once again.

That may sound insane, but think about it. All anyone has been saying is "Sean Avery will provide a much needed spark," or "Sean Avery will ruin the Rangers' chemistry." Not "Sean Avery will draw a large number of penalties playing fourth line minutes," or "Sean Avery will win the Hart Trophy this season after scoring 100 goals."

Maybe the latter of the two statements will not happen, but the lack of analysis surrounding the fact that Sean Avery will likely be re-inserted into the line-up sooner than later is shocking to me.

Anyway, outside of the blogs, including this site, the coverage is filled with narratives and statements that one cannot prove even if they attempted to. Thankfully for me, and you, we have Blueshirt Banter!

In other news, Spike Lee is now a New York Rangers fan!

Melissa Ormond has been named Preisdent of MSG entertainment.