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Bantering Points: What Is Going On In The Eastern Conference?

Here's an awesome picture.
Here's an awesome picture.


The Florida Panthers are the two seed in the Eastern Conference right now, and while I thought they would be better, I did not think they would be this much better.

We should get a glimpse at if the Panthers are for real or not tonight, as the Panthers play the New York Rangers in Florida.

Meanwhile, the Washington Capitals are the eight seed, the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning are not in the playoffs, and the Boston Bruins are flip flopping between amazing and awful play. Most surprising of all, the New York Islanders are in last place! (Alright, least surprising of all)

This has the makings of a very fun, yet stressful, year in the Eastern Conference.

Mitch Beck puts the spotlight on Tim Erixon. I consider Beck's writing to be must-read.

The Islanders are scheduled to wear their new third jerseys tonight, officially losing the last ounces of respect they have across the NHL.

Personally, I just want these jerseys back. (Though I do love the current third jerseys) How about having both, the Statue of Liberty for the road changed to white, the Anniversary jersey at home?