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Bantering Points: Rangers To Unveil Winter Classic Jerseys This Afternoon

 - The most anticipated news will finally come to an end today, as the New York Rangers will finally unveil their Winter Classic uniforms. We will have a post going up tomorrow, the minute the jerseys are unveiled. We may also have some Winter Classic festivities planned for tomorrow as well.

 - In case some of you missed it, or simply didn't even know, HBO released a 24/7 preview on Saturday night. In case you happened to miss it, Youtube has you covered where you can watch the full length preview.

 - Yesterday afternoon we released our Blueshirt Banter play of the week. This week we selected Carl Hagelin's first career NHL goal, give us your feedback on the highlight.

 - There has been a lot of questions being asked in regard to Mats Zuccarello. There was an article up about a month ago, stating that Zuccarello wanted to remain in the organization, IF he is apart of their future. But the question still stands, is Zuccarello a part of the Rangers future plans? Matt over at Blueline Station takes a look.