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Bantering Points: New York Rangers Looking At The Quarter Mark Of The Season

 - The New York Rangers officially unveiled their 2012 Winter Classic, late Monday afternoon. In case you missed it, or simply just want to look again, we have you covered.

 - The rivalry between the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers just jumped up a step. Earlier in the week Jody Shelley called Brandon Dubinsky a "weasel", and Dubinsky responded with some harsh words as well. Nick over at Rangers Tribune has the full quote from Dubinksky, and his response to Shelley.

 - Carl Hagelin has had an impressive two games to start his NHL campaign. With the recent emergence of Anisimov again, these two can provide secondary scoring for the Rangers. Russ Cohen over at Sportsology breaks down how each can improve the Rangers scoring.

 - With a 20th game completed against the Philadelphia Flyers, the Rangers are looking pretty good at the quarter mark of the season. Nick over at Rangers Tribune breaks down every thing the Rangers have done correctly this season, which shows there are greater things to come with this hockey club.