Documentary on 1994 seeking fans

Attention all Ranger fans: The NHL is producing a documentary on the
1994 Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers. We’re going tell the story
of the Rangers’ unforgettable season from the perspective of fans that
bleed Broadway blue.
The story of the 1994 Rangers was as much a story of a team winning
the ultimate championship as it was the tale of an impassioned
collection of fans finally ending season upon season of suffering. In
the new documentary, we will celebrate and share the stories of these
devoted and passionate fans, along with the members of the 1994
In all of our lives there exist those moments where we will always
remember where we were. For Rangers players and devoted fans, the 1994
season was filled with vivid memories of days which they will never
forget. In this new documentary, we will bring these moments back to
We’re looking for colorful Ranger fans to share their memories of the
1993-1994 season. Where were you when you first heard ‘The Guarantee?”
How’d you take the news that Mike Gartner was sent packing at the
trade deadline?  Where were you when the buzzer sounded and the cup
was hoisted?
If you have rich, unforgettable stories of the 1994 Stanley Cup team,
please share them with Lou @
We look forward to hearing from you!