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Bantering Points: The Shootout, The New York Rangers, And The Winning Hat

I attended the Rangers game last night, and it was a blast. The Rangers won in a shootout, thanks to goals scored by Eric Christensen and Marian Gaborik. Henrik Lundqvist was once again stellar in net in the shootout, stopping two of three shots.

The shootout has me thinking, despite that some people do not like the concept, is there anyone out there that does not enjoy watching the shootout? I'd love to hear from those that do not enjoy it.

Each point is an important point, as the Rangers have shown the last two seasons. I have never been in favor of keeping players on the roster because of shootout success, which is one reason why Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards having success in the shootout is so important. Gaborik struggled in the past, but hopefully last night is a sign of things to come.

The winning hat was given to Jeff Woywitka, which had me upset at first, as I believed it should have gone to Henrik Lundqvist. Re-thinking it, the hat is more of a team unity token, and if Lundqvist wins it every night he will look like the team. Smart call giving it to different players.

The Rangers have agreed to terms with Anton Stralman, so Woywitka should not get too comfortable. Who would you put in the top six?