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Bantering Points: 24/7 Receives Fantastic Reviews

HBO's 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic first episode aired last night, and it is being raved about. I, for one, loved the episode, as there was no point where I wanted to stop watching, and the cameras caught some hilarious moments.

First of all, check out Bryan's recap and review of the first episode.

Across twitter, various media members and fans tweeted about the episode. The breakout stars seemed to be Ryan Callahan's grandmother and Artem Anisimov.

Here are some samples of comments:

: I want Anisimov and Bryzgalov in the same room talking to each other about the Universe and shooting skills. In English.

We'll ask the team! : HAHA we are LOVING the way the decides who picks up the dinner bill! Can we be added to that dinner table?

The episode has me even more excited for the Winter Classic, which I did not think possible. Who should play in the Winter Classic next season? I hope it's two new teams, perhaps the Minnesota Wild vs. the San Jose Sharks?