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The Noon Number: .1

There was a very important quote from John Tortorella in the first episode of 24/7 last week. Towards the end of the segment Tortorella talks about momentum in the game of hockey. I don't have the exact quote, but this is essentially what he said: Hockey is about keeping momentum on your side as long as you can, or, if you don't have it, getting it back to your side as fast as you can.

That ideology works both on a period-by-period basis, and a game-by-game basis. It also happens to be why Brad Richards' game-winning goal with just .1 seconds left on the clock in Phoenix might end up being so important.

The Rangers were coming off back-to-back losses in which questions surrounded both the team's defensive and offensive output.

The Rangers played well against the Coyotes on Saturday, but playing well doesn't always translate to wins. And, believe it or not, losing even after a great team game can be more damaging then when a team just comes out flat. Sure, Richards' goal was more luck then anything else, but what the goal provided is what's important here.

The Rangers got two points and a massive confidence boost. In the end, that might be more important then anything else right now.