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Bantering Points: Marian Gaborik, Henrik Lundqvist, And The New York Rangers

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The New York Rangers did it again!

With their 4-1 victory over the rival New Jersey Devils last night, the Rangers notched another mini win streak, this time of two in a row. The Rangers will look to continue that streak against rivals, as I wrote about here.

Marian Gaborik has four goals in his last two games, and his great play this season has some asking an intriguing question. Is Marian Gaborik the league MVP this season?

Henrik Lundqvist, star goalie and key to the Rangers victory last night, tweeted his Winter Classic mask Monday. Lundqvist had two created, one for him to keep, and one for him to sell. The profits of the sold mask will go to the Garden of Dreams foundation.

Here is Ilya Bryzgalov's mask.

Stu Bickel impressed John Tortorella, who also provided the quote of last night

Tortorella on Lundqvist: "I guess the boys gave him that ugly hat. He deserved it.".

He definitely did deserve it!