ESPN The Mag's Top 4 "Dyanamic Duos"

ESPN came out with an article with the top pairs of line mates in the NHL. Guess who was number 2 on that list? Our very own young play maker Derek Stepan and his NHL life partner, prolific sniper Marion Gaborik. Below is the excerpt from the article about our two boys. The other three pairs respectively are as follows:

Neal/Malkin (Pit)

Lupul/Kessel (Tor)

Giroux/Jager (Phi)

NEW YORK RANGERS: Marian Gaborik and Derek Stepan
The duo generate 4.6 points per 60 minutes of play together.

Heading into their Nov. 5 game against Montreal, the Rangers had a lackluster 5-6 record. Second-year center Stepan was also struggling, with just three points. But that night, Rangers coach John Tortorella paired his young playmaker with veteran sniper Gaborik and, voila, a Broadway hit was born. Powered by Stepan's offensive creativity and Gaborik's finishing touch, the Rangers have bolted up the standings on the strength of a 13-6 tear. The two have combined for 48 points, with Gaborik leading the team with 17 goals. "Gabby creates space, which gives me more time to work, and always seems to find ice when I have the puck," Stepan says. "He's a shooter, so my game works really well with his."

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