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Bantering Points: New York Rangers Look To Continue Another Win Streak

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- Over the last few games, the New York Rangers have really proven themselves, among the elite teams. With a big win over the Capitals, followed by another win over the Penguins, this team is really coming together. Joe breaks down how the Rangers are continuously progressing game by game.

- With plans for a realignment coming next season, the NHL is down to, two final options. The easiest being, moving Winnipeg back to the West, and moving a team like Detroit back to the East. Greg Wyshynski over at Puck Daddy breaks down the rest that is in store over the off-season.

- Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh have really stepped it up for the Rangers this season. They both are top five in the league for total blocked shots this season. McDonagh comes in at number three, with 33 total blocks, and Girardi is right behind him with 31. TSN also breaks down the league leaders for each stats category.

- After four games in the NHL, Carl Hagelin is still producing at a point per game with a goal and three assists. He has taken basically the same path to the NHL that Ryan McDonagh took. He was an early call up last season, and has been a main-stay ever since. Joe takes a look to see if Carl Hagelin, is this year's Ryan McDonagh.