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The Noon Number: 3

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Today's noon number comes directly from the NHL Standings. The New York Rangers are only three points behind the Penguins for the lead in the Eastern Conference, and every player has played a large part in the success.

Although there were some bad games mixed in over the stretch, the Rangers found a way to rebound. They now find themselves on a four game winning streak, over three of the tougher opponents in the East. The Rangers offense has found a way to get it done, and all four lines are getting involved as well.

Guys like Carl Hagelin and John Mitchell have made an immediate impact for the Rangers, which has helped a lot. Hagelin also has four points, in his first four games in the NHL, that's pretty impressive. Also contributing is the solid defense and goal tending for the Rangers, who have allowed the least amount of goals in the league at 49.

The Rangers look to close in on the Penguins tonight, as they face the Tampa Bay Lightning.