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Bantering Points: Rangers Are The Surpise Team This Season

- Every year there is a team that rises above expectations and the Rangers are doing just that this season. Even with the addition of Brad Richards, many expected a mediocre season with it's ups and downs, like the usual. However, no one really expected to see the Rangers atop of the Eastern Conference, with less than ten regulation losses. Nick over at Rangers Tribune takes a look at the Rangers success this season.

- The second edition of the Blueshirt Banter discussion is officially out. This week, Joe asks the readers of Blueshirt Banter for their favorite HBO 24/7 moment. Head on over the thread, and post your favorites!

- Marian Gaborik has already topped his goal numbers from last season, and is finally back to his normal form. He currently sits at the number two spot for NHL goals, who was recently passed by Steven Stamkos last night. However, could Marian Gaborik be making a case for MVP honors? Keven takes a look at how Gaborik could be making just that run.