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Bantering Points: Boogaard And Realignment

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If you haven't read the NYT feature on Derek Boogaard yet, you really need to. Bryan posted about it here at Blueshirt Banter.

Realignment talk has hit the NHL! Although SportsCenter and ESPN will only spend two minutes discussing it, we care a lot more about the changes.

Joe analyzes how the realignment will affect the New York Rangers here.

Personally, I must admit to being hesitant about the first round being in division only, but I do see how the playoff matchups will become increasingly intense. Imagine playing the Penguins, Flyers, or Capitals two years in a row in the first round? Three years? Intense.

Talking to a few Islanders fans I know (yeah, big mistake, I know) they seemed pretty upset about being in a conference with the Rangers, Penguins, Capitals, Flyers, etc. One has to wonder if this will affect the Islanders chances of a new arena.

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