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Bantering Points: Mark Messier And The New York Rangers

- When the 2012 Alumni Game rosters were announced, Mark Messier was held off of the list due to upcoming shoulder surgery. Today during the broadcast of the Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Rangers, they announced that Messier will be taking part in the game. He had postponed his surgery in order to participate, that's dedication!

- NHL Trade Rumors conducted their first installment of team attendance rates for this season thus far. Currently the Rangers come in at number 12 with an average attendance rate of 18,165. As of right now, that tops their past rates from the 2009-2010, and 2010-2011 season.

- This is a couple days old, but a very good read. Brandon Dubinsky has been struggling thus far, this season and people are quickly starting to wonder. Nick over at Rangers Tribune takes a look at the current performance of Brandon Dubinsky, and how it could potentially hurt his future.

- We recently caught up with Mike Keenan, past coach of the New York Rangers. In this segment, Joe talks with Mike about the opportunity the Rangers have to be on HBO's 24/7 and about his Behind The Bench segments with John Tortorella.