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Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight at 8 PM with Ranger Blogger Roundtable

Would never show up at the Grammy's in an egg
Would never show up at the Grammy's in an egg

We've got a great episode of Blueshirt Banter Radio planned for you guys tonight. We've reached out to the best Ranger bloggers our budget can afford, and tonight they will join us for a "Ranger Roundtable" discussion for a variety of topics surrounding the Blueshirts.

Here's the lineup we have planned for you:

Dave Shapiro from Blue Seat Blogs/Blueshirt Banter

Nick Montemagno from Rangers Tribune/ Blueshirt Banter

Eric Roitman from

Kevin Delury from NyRangersBlog

Mike Gleich from BleedingAllBlue

When it comes to blogging the Blueshirts, these guys are tops, and we are really looking forward to getting their thoughts on the Rangers.

Other than that, you guys know the drill, the show is all about you. Uncensored Ranger talk for two hours that we guarantee cannot be heard on any other radio program. We take your calls, and chat with you guys all night long.

The show starts at 8, hope to see you then!

Remember, if you've missed any of our shows, they can be downloaded right from the show page, or you can find us on Itunes and Microsoft Zune. Take us with you in the car, on the train, bus, plane, school, wherever!