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Super Sunday Open Thread

Despite the fact that this is a hockey blog, it would be ridiculous of us to ignore the fact that today is the biggest sports day of the year. Feel free to use this open thread for the day, and if you want to check out what SBNation has to offer for football:

SBNation Pittsburgh

Behind the Steel Curtain: For Pittsburgh Steelers

Acme Packing Company: For Green Bay Packers

Despite the fact that both teams have great defenses, I don't think we'll see much of either of them.

Jim's Predicition:

Green Bay 38

Steelers 34

Also, Pens-Caps on NBC today, busy day for Western Pensylvanians.

For the latest on the Pens, check out Pensburgh, and no one covers the Caps like Japers Rink.

Remember if you visit any of the other communities, you have to play by their rules. What flies here doesn't necessarily fly everywhere else.