Dear Mario (Lemieux) - whatcha gonna do about your cheap shot artist?

Matt Cooke Elbows Ryan McDonagh (via BroadStreetHockey)

So, Mr. "I want to be a leader of the NHL" - are you going to take the lead on this one?

This *ssclown has gotten away with more dirty hits than anyone in the league in the last 2 years (maybe more). After already being suspended for running Fedor Tyutin from behind and boarding him in February, now he pulls the same stunt that took Marc Savard out a year ago with a flying elbow from behind on a defenseless player.

Mario - you're right - there's no place in the game for this. Have you got the cojones to fire Matt Cooke regardless of what the NHL does in terms of supplemental discipline? Your chestnuts big enough to put your money where your mouth is - and see to it that this guy never plays again ?

Or will you stick your foot in your mouth, and chew long and hard - with some mamby-pamby press release about how "it was just a hockey play and unfortunately the player was in the way of Matt's elbow"......

NHL fans everywhere await your response.

And the NHL wheel of discipline needs to come up with a MINIMUM of a 12 GAME SUSPENSION.

Edit/Late Edition: Others in sports journalism are weighing in: Matt Cooke’s despicable dirty elbow puts Mario Lemieux and NHL on the hot seat (link)

5:20 PM EDT 21-March-2011 - multiple sources confirming suspension is balance of regular season, plus 1st round of Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Final Edit: Official on NHL Website: NHL.Com release/story on Cooke's Suspension (link)

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