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To Ticketholders Who Gave Up and Sold Their Tickets: Don't Come Back

Tonight on Blueshirt Banter Radio, one of our regular listeners and a long time season ticket holder called in to tell us about how the word is that many Rangers fans holding tickets for tomorrow's game have given up, and sold their tickets for Game 3, which leads to the possibility of many Capitals fans being in the Garden for tomorrow's game.

I am hoping that this isn't true. If it is, I've got a message for those of you that have given up, and sold your tickets:

Don't come back. Ever.

Don't come back and tell people what a big fan you are if the Rangers somehow pull this out. Don't come back in October and tell people what a big Rangers fan you are, and how much money you spend on season tickets, and how excited you are for the new season. Just don't come back. If you've given up on this team after two games, after the way they played their guts out for a majority of this season, and gave you more excitement than you could have possibly expected heading into this year, don't come back. Tomorrow they need you more than ever, and if you can't be bothered to be there for them, don't come back. They don't need you, and neither do the real fans of this team.

Now if you have a funeral, or possibly major surgery, then I can understand you having to sell your tickets. But if you just sold your tickets because you just think its over and don't want to be there to support them, don't let the doors of the Garden hit you on the tuchus on the way out.

If you gave up, shame on you. Don't come back.