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TV/Radio Legend and Former Rangers Announcer Monty Hall Tonight On Blueshirt Banter Radio!

Monty Hall
Monty Hall

Long before he was making people in ridiculous costumes beg for prizes, Monty Hall worked as a radio announcer for the New York Rangers, and tonight, he will be our guest on Blueshirt Banter Radio with a special start time of 8:30 PM.

We'll talk to Monty about his days with the Rangers, what it was like to broadcast hockey games in those days, and since many of us are fans of TV classics, I'm sure we'll be deviating from hockey to talk about his days as the host of the legendary "Let's Make a Deal", and how it all came about. Monty's had a fascinating life spanning radio, tv, stage, you name it, and we're going to try and cover it all. This is shaping up to be a fun night, and I hope you can join us tonight at 8:30 PM.